The industry leaders in Hebel AAC panel installation for Party and Boundary Walls

Powerwall Solutions has specialised in Hebel installation for over 10 years and has grown to be one of Australia’s largest and most respected contractors. Our Hebel installers use the Y-Lift System which is fastest and most efficient AAC Panel installation system in Australia. Powerwall Solutions originally designed and manufactured the Patented Y-Lift System which is used by our Hebel Installers for effortless streamlined installation of Hebel Powerpanels.


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Powerwall Solution's Hebel Party wall system is a high performance wall building system that is up to 50% faster to install than alternative fire-rated plasterboard boundary solutions.


Powerwall Solution's Hebel residential boundary wall system is a high performance wall system that is up to 50% faster to install than alternative fire-rated plasterboard boundary solutions.


Save time and labour, INSTALL HEBEL FAST!

The Y-Lift Installation System has been safety tested and certified to a lifting height of 13 metres, it eliminates many OH&S issues while also increasing speed and efficiency. This adds up to reduced costs in both time and labour for the builder, especially on Party Wall and Boundary Wall Multi-Residential Developments.


Individual titles for lots

Builders can now sell lots on it own titles for Multi Residential developments

Multi High Rise Buildings

Hebel 600mm panels can be used on multi-story buildings (up to 5 story) resulting in less joins, screws and glue.

4x faster than man-handling panels

Hebel installation is completed by one operator on the ground and two Hebel Installers in half the time, resulting in minimal physical labour.

No Scaffolding

For Boundary Walls no scaffolding is required thus resulting in cost savings and flexibility

Tested and Certified

The Y-Lift Hebel System has been awarded a Certificate of AS 4804 compliance, and has been mechanically tested by an Australian Independent NATA accredited organization.

Efficient logistics

Powerwall Solutions manages its in-house Hebel Installers for large scale residential developments efficiently with minimal down time.


The better way to build

At Powerwall Solutions we use Hebel Powerpanels on our multi-unit development projects. Easy to install, strong and solid, Hebel steel reinforced panels are highly versatile and can be used on all sites to provide extremely solid, safe and highly secure internal walls with high levels of sound resistance and absorption.

Living in a Hebel house means living in a comfortable, safe and energy efficient living environment for the occupants.

Hebel Panels are extremely fire-resistant, providing high acoustic and thermal properties that assist in improved energy ratings.

Independent testing shows that overall, Hebel has a 30% lower environmental impact than concrete or brick veneer.

Using over 60% less embodied energy, and producing at least 55% less greenhouse emissions than concrete or brick veneer, Hebel is the cleaner, greener choice.

Hebel Applications

Hebel Applications

External/Internal Walls
Intertenancy Walls
(Party & Boundary Walls)
Spandrel Walls
D.I.Y. Projects

Building Types

Building Types

Commercial Shops
Hospitals, Hotels, Schools

Technical Applications

Technical Applications

Sound Barriers
Bushfire Prone areas
Freeway Fencing
Safety Bunkers

For more information visit Hebel.com.au


Commercial & Residential Party Wall System

Hebel Low Rise Multi-Residential Party Walls have been developed to provide an effective fire barrier and to satisfy the ever-growing demand for noise abatement in multi-residential framed dwellings. The systems provide cost effective, slender wall sections, with acoustic and fire performance conforming to and exceeding the BCA requirements. Hebel PartyWall systems can achieve Rw + Ctr ratings of 50dB or better.

The primary component of the wall is the Hebel PowerPanel, which is a 75mm thick, steel reinforced panel, manufactured from CSR Hebel AAC. The AAC in CSR Hebel products is manufactured from sand, lime and cement, to which a gas-forming agent is added. The liberated gas expands the mixture, forming extremely small, finely dispersed air pockets, resulting in lightweight aerated concrete.

These PartyWall systems consist of specific combinations of Hebel PowerPanel, CSR Bradford insulation and CSR Gyprock plasterboard or CSR Cemintel fibre cement sheet. These are used to create a symmetrical wall system, which have minimal components and are relatively compact. The resulting walls exhibit high acoustic insulation and fire resistance performance, which have been proven through registered test facilities.


Commercial & Residential Boundary Wall System

Residential boundary walls are a cost effective Hebel wall building solution for new or existing townhouses, terraces and detached buildings in close proximity to the boundary line.

Details on zero allotment boundary walls


With superior acoustic and thermal properties Hebel Party Walls has
greater advantages even when you factor comparable cost differences



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