Party Walls

Party Walls

A party wall (occasionally party-wall or parting wall) is a dividing partition between two adjoining buildings (or units) that is shared by the tenants of each residence or business.
1.0 Introduction PartyWall

CSR Hebel

CSR Hebel is 100% owned by CSR Building Products Limited, one of Australia’s leading building products companies. CSR Hebel manufactures and markets a range of lightweight Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) products. The current product range includes blocks, reinforced panels, cladding panels and lintels for use in the residential and commercial construction industry. CSR Hebel also sells complimentary mortars, tools and accessories.

In 1989, CSR became involved with Hebel and established the Australian operation. Since then CSR Hebel has manufactured products that have won wide acceptance as innovative and environmentally friendly building materials. This is due to their lightweight yet solid nature, excellent thermal, fire and acoustic properties and design versatility. The inherent properties of CSR Hebel products help achieve quick and cost efficient construction practices as well as providing for comfortable operating environments inside the buildings all year round.

Design Overview

As environmental consciousness and social responsibility increases, CSR Hebel is striving to exceed these ideals and set new standards in building materials and residential living.

Designed for inner comfort

With CSR Hebel wall and floor solutions, clients can enjoy a comfortable interior in their home, and be comfortable with the choice for the environment. Manufacture of CSR Hebel materials uses a fraction of the energy and natural resources used in manufacturing conventional masonry, producing almost no waste or by-products. And CSR Hebel AAC’s highly efficient insulation saves power in heating or cooling the home.

Designed for inner peace

CSR Hebel wall and floor solutions help create a tranquil inner space. We have worked closely with acoustic experts and testing authorities to engineer inherently superior acoustics from our wall and floor systems. They create a sound barrier to external noise and from other rooms within the home.

Designed for peace of mind

Although it’s remarkably lightweight, CSR Hebel AAC is solid and durable. CSR Hebel panels are reinforced with steel for extra strength. CSR Hebel is also extremely fire-resistant and is not a food source for termites.

Designed to save

As they’re lightweight, CSR Hebelmaterials are quick to assemble, saving building time and costs. They also minimise the need for supporting materials, saving budget resources and energy.

Use CSR Hebel for Better Sound Insulation

With advances in technology (particularly the home theatre system) and consumer’s demand for home listening pleasure the need for wall and floor systems offering excellent sound insulation has developed.

Recognising the unique properties of AAC, CSR Hebel was one of the first building products manufacturers to respond to this growing need by developing a range of acoustic wall systems. Since then the peace and amenity of thousands of multiunit households and commercial developments have benefited from Hebel PartyWall.

As of the 1st May 2004 the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) announced that the minimum Building Code of Australia (BCA) sound insulation requirements have been increased. CSR Hebel’s acoustic performance will help you reach the new standard, while also benefiting from the unique lightweight yet solid feel of CSR Hebel products.

Hebel Low Rise MultiResidential Party Walls

Hebel Low Rise Multi-Residential Party Walls have been developed to provide an effective fire barrier and to satisfy the ever-growing demand for noise abatement in multi-residential framed dwellings. The systems provide cost effective, slender wall sections, with acoustic and fire performance conforming to and exceeding the BCA requirements. Hebel PartyWall systems can achieve Rw + Ctr ratings of 50dB or better.

These PartyWall systems consist of specific combinations of Hebel PowerPanel, CSR Bradford insulation and CSR Gyprock plasterboard or CSR Cemintel fibre cement sheet. These are used to create a symmetrical wall system, which have minimal components and are relatively compact. The resulting walls exhibit high acoustic insulation and fire resistance performance, which have been proven through registered test facilities.

The primary component of the wall is the Hebel PowerPanel, which is a 75mm thick, steel reinforced panel, manufactured from CSR Hebel AAC. The AAC in CSR Hebel products is manufactured from sand, lime and cement, to which a gas-forming agent is added. The liberated gas expands the mixture, forming extremely small, finely dispersed air pockets, resulting in lightweight aerated concrete.

As with other CSR Hebel products, Hebel PowerPanel exhibits excellent thermal and fire resistance properties. Hebel PowerPanel is lightweight and easily handled, typically by only two people.